“Perfect dress...Perfect fit...Perfect day” - The Wedding Room

Designers At The Wedding Room

When it came to choosing which designers we wanted at The Wedding Room, we definitely did our research. We wanted designers who could supply a wide range of sumptuous fabrics and who could offer sample sizes which ranged from a UK4 through to a UK32 so that each of our brides had the chance to try on gowns in their size. We also wanted 'award winning' designers that had proven their designs memorable in the forever changing bridal industry and hold a name that brides recognise for only the most sensational wedding dresses, occasional wear and groomsmen suits. Click on the pages below to find out more about each designer and their dress prices.

Your bridal purchase includes;
A high quality gown bag, hoop hire, steaming and storage up until the week of your wedding day, optional use of our very talented in-house seamstress at an additional cost.